Brothers at War

How much is a brother’s life worth? Joining the Nazi party at the height of the Second World War? Or fighting for the German Army?
Bernhard Brekke had to go through with both of these drastic measures when his brother Erling was caught spying for the English in 1941 and sentenced to execution. Erling was pardoned, but sent to concentration camps in Germany, where he remained for almost four years. Bernhard on the other hand, was sent to the heart of a Germany at war. While his brother was living under the worst conditions in German captivity, he fought the Russians on the Eastern Front.
They struggled for survival on different sides during the war, but they both returned in May 1945 – one a War hero, the other a Traitor. Today they have both become two old men, with each their own remarkable story of how to overcome a difficult past. Brothers at War is about the choices of two brothers during the Second World War, and the consequences of these choices in the years to follow – from then to now. It’s a film about strong family ties, but also a story of distrust, intrigue and condemnation in the wake of the War.

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